Daith Pressure Follow-up

Although some of you may be only visiting my blog for recipes, I know that there are also some of you so desperate for pain relief that you would wear a dead chicken around your neck if it would help.  Therefore, I’m following up on last week’s post about my experience with daith pressure AND posting a recipe (separate posts).

The weather here has been changing quite a bit, and I think this may be the cause of the 3 migraines I have had over the course of a week.  With work piling up and food to cook, I had to figure out a stop gap solution to the problem I mentioned last week regarding how to apply daith pressure while standing up.  In a desperate state, I went to my closet to find something, anything, that I could use to strap something, anything, to my left ear to apply pressure.  I found another gold nugget buried in the now messy closet.

My new design consists of a child’s rubber golf ball wrapped in a teeny tiny baby washrag strapped to my head with an old scarf.  I’m not proud of how it looks, so I’ve elected to not include a picture.  Rather, I will attempt to explain in detail.  The ball is not hard plastic, and it is not soft foam like a Nerf ball.  It is firm, but slightly squishy, and about the size of a real golf ball.  The balls here look a lot like the one I used, but I’m not confident that they are the same. After all, the ball I used had been buried with other toys for many years, and I don’t remember which golf set they originally came with.

Initially when I strapped the ball wrapped with the teeny tiny washrag over the daith point in my ear, it didn’t feel like it would apply enough pressure to be helpful.  However, as I moved around, the scarf pulled slightly in different directions, moving the ball enough that the area was stimulated.  The pain went away.  Note that the pain relief was not immediate, I still had the brain fog, and my ear became sore, but the migraine pain reduced enough that I could function – standing up.

It is worth noting that since pressure to the daith region of my ear has been so helpful, I am studying more about the piercings.  These are definitely more attractive than my unpictured self with a ball strapped to my head (or a dead chicken around my neck).  However, I have concerns regarding the ease of infection of pierced cartilage, the likelihood of hitting the best pressure point by a person untrained in acupuncture, and my metal allergies.  Any thoughts?

UPDATE: Pictures of my method






7 thoughts on “Daith Pressure Follow-up

  1. While i have never been a person who followed many blogs…i was intrigued when i saw a friend of yours post a link to your blog…and the word migraine caught my attention. As someone who suffers with them very often and to the point that i am bed ridden for up to 3 days i was willing to try. As you said I would wear a dead chicken around my neck if i thought it would help. I have many friends that are always posting on my facebook or sending me articles to read and i usually will try anything once 🙂 I have very similar beliefs about the daith piercing…i feel reluctant to believe that an untrained person would be able to hit the exact spot that was needed to relieve pain. I am trying hard to envision exactly how you are using your technique with the ball and washrag…and i admittedly am having trouble…but i certainly do understand not taking a picture. It is bad enough to be in that much pain and have one taken but then to have a scarf tied around your head also..LOL Thank you so much for this blog and i look forward to reading more in the future… Deborah

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    • If it would help you, I would be glad to post pictures. Note that I am also doing some research regarding ear stimulation for migraine sufferers. I hope to post on it again after I learn a little more. Suffice it to say that I have concluded that I will not be getting the piercing, and there are medical treatments on the horizon that are showing promise. If you google “auricular vagus nerve stimulation for migraines”, you will find the info I’m researching.

      Just let me know about the pics – I’ll post them if you just say the word:)

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  2. I had an interesting experience with this last night. I had my “tinglings” of a migraines coming on (pain that came and went and changed location on the left side of my head, left eye tearing, yawning, brain fog). So, I put this on to try to catch it before it got full blown. I left it on while I slept on the other side for 6 hours. The pain is completely gone this morning:) I hope it doesn’t come back, but if it does, this will go right back on my head!


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