3x5 Mom pic for DadAs the main cook in my family, I have been working hard the last 23 years to provide for each family member’s nutritional needs. The day I found out that we were dealing with food allergies, I went through the house removing the offending foods. I was left wondering what was possibly left that we could have for our next meal.

I was afraid to fix anything, wondering if the items left in the pantry were cross-contaminated where they were packaged or within my own house. I scrubbed the counters, went with the basics, and watched, hoping that the anaphylaxis we experienced earlier in the day would not happen again. That day many years ago set me on a path that would involve years of providing foods without traces of peanuts or cashews.

Recently, our food requirements have taken a new twist. In addition to the continued food allergy issues, 2 family members have developed frequent migraines which are partially controlled with dietary restrictions. Wow – talk about wondering what to fix for the next meal! Try finding recipes for meals without nuts, dairy, eggs, beans, onions, wheat, citrus, tomatoes, apples, bananas, and more.

The difficulty I have had with this is the reason for this website. I really haven’t been able to find a source of recipes that doesn’t include restricted food items. I would like to share what I have been able to come up with and some of the thoughts I have had during this process with the hope that others will find the information helpful. Now, I have ideas for the next meal and maybe you will too!

Please note that I have called companies regarding manufacturing processes to see if there is the potential for cross-contamination with ingredients that our food allergic family member cannot have.  However, companies change their processes, and I have not addressed all possible food allergies with my calls.  Therefore, while the ingredients and processing/handling methods work for us, they may not work for your family.  Please contact the companies before using any of these products to confirm that they will work for you.


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  1. Thank You so much for this blog. It has helped me in more ways than one. I just put in the word low tyramine and got so much more on this search. There is nothing like finding people who know and can offer true help. I will take what I can use, which is a lot , and give back where I can.

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